Carbohydrate patches

So I scrolled past this on Facebook today and wanted to get you guys opinion. It’s not for sale but rather just starting to be tested, so I don’t think this is considered spam/advertising but delete it if I’m wrong. My main question is how is this even remotely physically possible?

Easier just to mix sugar with sunscreen.

In fact, I’ll probably start selling it soon under the brand name StickyRyderz.


I do not see how this could work well, take for instance a 375 ml water bottle of carb drink at 10% carbs (most fruit drinks on the market are 10-15% sugar) that is 37.5g of carbs and I doubt you could push that much into a patch, furthermore blood sugar is typically glucose so how much is transferring into the actual blood from the patch… this sounds a bit iffy.

i want to google that term but there are kids in the room


I’m more interested in how the carbs can actually get through the skin to the bloodstream

Pour some maple syrup on your jersey. Done.


Maybe the half-empty gel packets in your pocket are not actually waste?


I’ll invent a green paint for your skin, get your nutrition directly from sunlight. :grin:

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Good news is, after you test that at home for a few days your idea of buying (yet another) new bike won’t sound so crazy to the rest of your family anymore. As long as you promise to drop the green stuff.

I know everyone is having a little fun with this, but I really thinks it’s something that could stick around.


I’m not sure this is physiologically possible.

If carbs need to be broken down in the gut-intestines in order to be turned into glycogen to fuel muscles, then absorbing through the bloodstream would be…well…not useful, since your blood won’t deposit the carbs in your stomach. I’m sure there is some explanation and a lack of scientific testing.

I started researching powder based carbs for my water bottle in the past summer and I found 95% of fuel science (Tailwind being one of them) lacked any valid scientific testing as proof of value. Lots of anecdotal opinions which are fine. After a few days “research” on the internet and reading of nutrition labels, I settle don the cheapest posed with high carbs; Gatorade. Just as good as far as I can tell.

Deep Dive:

ah ben caliss!
best idea ever.

and the better adhesion can prevent wrinkles on your skin suit, it’s perfect.

slow carb release skinsuit, patent pending.


You have to use it as a suppository. :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth::smiling_imp:

Maybe it’s not as tacky as people think? :wink:


Now: Everyone making fun of these patches.

In a few months: Everyone finding yet another use for gorilla tape trying to make their own patches. :rofl: Much like the amp lotion.

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Refuelling in races could be as easy as someone throwing a bag of sugar over your sweaty back.