Caps for big heads

I “suffer” from a rather large head…approx 60cm. This means none of the “1 size fits all caps” I’ve tried actually fit.

Have found one supplier in the UK - Prendas that does an il Grande model which should fit up to a 62cm noggin and is about right, but that’s about it, any other recommendations??

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Not an expert on caps, but I’ve also got a large melon :rofl: Specialized L helmets work well so I’m guessing 61cm +/-

I have a few of these and they’ve been great.

Decathlon sell Big Noggin gear including caps.

Walz says they make caps that fit XXL, but you have let them know at the time of ordering…

If you’re going for insulation, I’ve just moved over to lightweight balaclavas…

Castellis fit fine

Thanks all, will take a look at these options and report back!