Helmet for smaller heads?

So I’m a normal sized guy at 5’11" and 175lbs. The problem is that I have a small head. It doesn’t look or seem small until I try on bike helmets and I look, um like a mushroom. I’ve had better luck with size S helmets but I was wondering… Are there any that are lower profile/thinner? Obviously I don’t want to sacrifice safety but I can’t help but think there is one out there that would fit better. I’ve exhausted the options in my local bike shops.

I have the same issue, but currently have well fitting ones from Lazar. Had a Giro one before that and have also heard the Specialized have smaller ones.

If your local shops don’t stock them, look online and then either ask them if they can order them (they should do, if they are a supplier of that brand), or just order them online.

Its probably worth actually measuring your head and having a look at the size charts. With some brands, size small starts at 54cm circumference, which is already too big for me.

With regards to outer size of the helmets - avoiding that mushroom head look - usually, if the adjustable size ranges are quite small, the actual outer shells are also smaller. If you buy a ‘one size fits all’ helmet for 53-59cm, the outer shell will be massive and it will look odd on a small head.

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The kask Valegro has a really thin profile. Give it a look! However, as any other Kask products, it is expensive.

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