Cape Epic 2024 advices


I’m from EU and (hopefully) going to Cape Epic 2024 and I would appreciate any advice. I’m mostly interested in Visa process, medical/bike/equipement insurance. Is it tent accommodation fine and also is the tent upgrade recommended?

Also… I would appreciate any other advice.

Any other TR member is going?

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I’m more interested in practical and travel advices than training

Completed Cape Epic 2023 and can 100% recommend looking for outside accom in an airbnb type of stay. Gives you more freedom to relax/unwind and prep for next stages.

A very high percentage of people that slept in tents ended up really sick with the sharing of mattresses / wet weather / communal food dining hall is all a big recipe to get sick.

Completed twice. Tent reduces admin (getting to your accommodation etc, which can save you quite a bit of energy and hassle, and you miss the atmosphere. But, it’s nice if you are super organised with car etc (but also someone has to move it to next stage). 99% sure you don’t need Visa but easy to check.
The race is awesome but don’t underestimate the training you need. It is very hard.