Cape Epic 2024 advices


I’m from EU and (hopefully) going to Cape Epic 2024 and I would appreciate any advice. I’m mostly interested in Visa process, medical/bike/equipement insurance. Is it tent accommodation fine and also is the tent upgrade recommended?

Also… I would appreciate any other advice.

Any other TR member is going?

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I’m more interested in practical and travel advices than training

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Completed Cape Epic 2023 and can 100% recommend looking for outside accom in an airbnb type of stay. Gives you more freedom to relax/unwind and prep for next stages.

A very high percentage of people that slept in tents ended up really sick with the sharing of mattresses / wet weather / communal food dining hall is all a big recipe to get sick.

Completed twice. Tent reduces admin (getting to your accommodation etc, which can save you quite a bit of energy and hassle, and you miss the atmosphere. But, it’s nice if you are super organised with car etc (but also someone has to move it to next stage). 99% sure you don’t need Visa but easy to check.
The race is awesome but don’t underestimate the training you need. It is very hard.

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The onsite medical at Mediclinic is really good. I think it is only open from race village 1 till am of stage 7. The can take care of you and if they can’t they can get you more help. They have a separate space for the “bum clinic”. Not sure what goes on behind those screens, but people come out ready to ride the next day.

Tents are fine and they have been updated and replaced for 2024. They look to be a little bigger. Before they were a two person tent that you had to yourself. It looks like the new ones are 3 person tents that each rider gets. The upgrade tents looked nice, but they have not released availability of those yet, You miss the race village atmosphere at a hotel/B&B and have more logistics. If you want to go down that road look into a service like “bike 2 bed”(I think that is it) that handles the logistics and provides a driver to get to to and from stage start and from finish. My friends used lit in 23 and were happy.

Tnx for advices!

We booked some airbnbs and also looking for local to hire him together with van to make things easier and more secure

It’s just a slightly earlier wakeup for AirB&B since you have the drive, but if you are close it won’t be bad. Of course the slower you go the later you start.

A van is a good idea. Plenty of room for your team and bags/bikes and a driver and their stuff. We did it with a Toyota Fortuner last year with 3 people and all the bags. It was some work to get everything in, but we managed it. If you can find some place to store your bike bags/boxes and things you won’t need during the race it might free up some room.

How fueling works? Do you need to bring your own or everything (gels and carb drinks) is available at the start and on the feed stations.

They said that they are using USN but didn’t mention exact products…

I would like to avoid traveling with all the fueling but also I want to order to Europe some samples to test it before race

I know there is the USN Hydration mix at an all the aid stations. I have also seen the bars, gels and electrolyte tablets. Not sure on exact products. Since I have no way to test them out prior to the event I have not paid that much attention.

The aid stations are also stocked with water, Coke, real food like salted potatoes, bananas, in addition to some other sweet and savory options.

If you get the nutrition package you will get 5 bottles at race registration. Two for your bike, two to turn in and one for recovery. You start with two on your bike (if you can fit them) and at one of the aid stations you pick up the other two (you have to drop these off the night before and they put them in a refer van) at the end of the stage you get your recovery drink bottle (also dropped off the night before). If you are fine with USN and/or want to carry your nutrition then you can do without the package.

Instead of bringing all of your nutrition you can see if what you use is available in the Cape Town area. I have had good luck finding most everything I use at a shop or business in Cape Town. This is what I have done on my trips. It is really tough since 8 days worth of food is a large amount and we all react differently to products.


There are usually 3 full aid stations per stage, and a “hydration only” station that just has USN, water and some other USN products. Prologue will only have one aid station.


Unless you use something really localised and special you will be able to buy it over there. When I did in 2018 they had USN in the race but also a generic multicoloured drink along with all the other goodies.

I was using Hammer at the time and got it in a chemist for a great price. The bike shops will be well stocked. There are stalls at the camp locations too for emergency during the event.

Adapt yourself to a product and make sure you have it to use. You will find out from the toilet blocks every day what happens when people start taking on a few thousand calories a day of untested carbohydrates :joy: the nutrition pack is a great way to make sure you get what you are used too…