Anyone from the UK bought Assioma Uno directly?


Has anyone bought Assioma Uno directly and shipped them to the UK since Brexit? To buy them direct they’re about £320, but from Wiggle etc they’re above £400. I assume there will be some import tax to pay if I buy them direct. Does anyone know what the import tax would be? What did you pay?

Duty and Vat which goes on top of the item plus delivery cost. Duty is 11% or 14% on bike parts. Sorry can’t remember which. Vat 20%. I imported some bike stuff from USA in 2019. I’ll have the import breakdown filed away somewhere.

What you should be able to do is buy free of state taxes etc. In USA as it direct for export. So you might want to ask their tax free price rather than £320 you can see.

Thanks for the reply. The cost on the site is shipping only. It is ex vat and duty.


So a quick calc knowing how duty and VAT are applied I’d say you’re looking at approx £426 in total.

Quick question , do you know what USD / GBP exchange rate is being applied to show £320? Sterling at 3 year high against USD so should reflect that.

They are listed in EUR 364.75 or USD 435 in USD. With import taxes not much of a saving, but that is what I would have expected.

Is you pay in USD with something like Transferwise you’ll get a better exchange rate and save about £10. So £416 in total.

I do like Transferwise. Thanks for the help.

also need to add royal mail’s ‘handling fee’