Canyon ... coming soon! What does it mean!

Does anyone know what Canyon’s version of ‘coming soon’ means? LOL!

Google says:

happening or appearing soon : forthcoming, approaching a list of upcoming events

Does anyone know Canyons release cycle, I can’t keep looking at the Inflite page daily to check when the XS will be in stock haha.

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Canyon does not have any sort of set schedule for releases…they come out with new models as they deem necessary, based either on new frames or new components being released.

So who knows in this case?

Maybe it does mean stock… lol

“Stock Coming soon.”

Every bike I’ve looked at has been out of stock since September and then stock was seriously limited.

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Do they have a notification option? I’m debating picking up the Dude for winter riding and there was an option to alert me when it’s available. Of course that is truly an unreleased bike and not just a stock issue.

Doesn’t help it get there any sooner but at least you don’t have to check every day.

They have a notification system that is basically useless. People have written scripts to overcome that you can find on Google.

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Theres a few apps/programs that people use for the immediate notification. Dont recall the name but im sure its google-able. Their built in one is apparently pretty slow and by the time you get the notification, chances are good its sold out. Their releases seem all over the place and often only a few sizes/specs.

Theyre great bikes but prices are creeping up, somewhat as expected. Theyre still cheaper than “the common brands” but the margin is shrinking. Love my Aeroad but getting them is a real PITA

Up to one month, or more…

I know what will not be announced…

An affordable bike with decent components

Knowing Canyon It probably means another price hike :wink:

Thanks all just found an extension called Distill which ill use to keep tabs on it.

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And still much cheaper than all the competition.

Semi true / true, but bike prices are now ridiculous (as are a lot of things.)

Similar Canyon (actual slightly low spec) now is just over twice the price as mine from 4 - 5 years ago. :frowning:
That +1 might have to come from the second hand market

Hardly “much cheaper”.

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Not anymore given their distribution model.

It is now a close call on paying a bit more, not much, to try the bike and have the bike built as per the traditional outlet / bike shop.

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The other unfortunate thing about Canyon is their component spec and sizing is always way off what most would want - so not only are they no longer that great of a deal for the base bike, you have to factor in reselling parts that no one wants and buying in a different size… 10-28 AXS cassettes and 35/48 AXS rings make no sense for most riders even on an Aeroad.

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It basically means they have no idea when it’ll be available.

I was looking at one of their tri bikes. The date of availability kept getting pushed from “April 2021” to “October 2021” to “Winter 2022” to “Coming Soon.”

Similar deal with their gravel bikes. Miraculously, a Grizl in my size that I actually wanted was in stock in December 2021. So I bought it, and three days later it was out stock. Out of curiosity, I followed its availability thereafter and it went from “Coming Spring 2022” to getting discontinued entirely.

As we know, they’re not alone. I originally wanted a Santa Cruz Stigmata. Called up the LBS in September 2021 and the person on the phone said to “check back next year”.


Same here, I thought it was in stock one week in September (and I was trying to decide, when I looked again it was out of stock), but I think I might have been mistaken, maybe it never was in stock.

Definitely thinking about the second hand market.