2023 Canyon Endurace CF SLX 8 AXS Aero

Endurace CF SLX 8 AXS Aero | CANYON US

This looks pretty good to me, in terms of overall aesthetic, spec, value and apparent performance (based on reviews).

I have a supersix evo 2 on pre-order right now, expected to arrive in November. I can still cancel at any time. I had been looking at the Ultimate but opted to go with the supersix. I currently ride a gravel bike with 30mm slicks, but ride mainly road, and got into riding about 3 years ago. I don’t plan on racing but I wanted a pure road bike and I like riding aggressively at times, and climbing. But again, no racing ambitions.

Would I be better served with a more comfortable bike? I heard good things about supersix comfort but guessing endurance is probably notably more comfortable? Price on each is the same, although the canyon comes with a power meter.

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I have similar ambitions/ride style. Endurance is a weirdly magical bike for me. Coming from a gen 1 Spec Diverge I found it infinitely more nimble, lighter, racey-er, and versatile. Plus it is a looker. I have ridden mountains, flats, and a fair bit of gravel with it. And is comfortable. With the wider tire clearance, the new one should be even better. My only quibble has been toe overlap, but mostly only an issue on slow, steep gravel climbs with bigger tires.

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Are you confident you can get your fit on the Canyon? You can’t change the stem length with those cockpits unless you can buy a different size (not sure how easy that is).

If you can get it to fit properly, I’m sure it’s a great bike. You can’t beat Canyon for the price. I had a 2019 Endurace for a while and loved it. I only sold it during the pandemic to fund a gravel bike purchase.