Canyon Inflite Tyres

Anyone with the Canyon Inflite AL SLX? I am wondering what is the max tyres it will take. It comes with 33mm tyres which should be fine for cross but was hoping to do a little gravel riding on it as well. Wondering what is the max tyre anyone has managed to fit on it?

I have read conflicting things online with reviews saying it will only fit a 35 however other people saying they have fit 38’/40s on it.

Mine just arrived today!

hmmmm looks like a 38 might fit in there. What about around the seat stays?

@Eightball how did you get on with tyres? Have you tried any larger than 33?

I’ve stuck with the 33’s as i’ve set them up tubeless so don’t really want to remove the tyre unless I really have to. I spoke with Canyon and they said that I shouldn’t go with anything above a 35. I think a 38 would just about fit but might compromise the mud shedding ability as would likely be a close fit.

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Nothing wrong with going wider in the front than in the rear btw. MTBers do it all the time.

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Dredging this one up

What size have people run comfortably on this bike? Gravel King 38’s? Or wider?

Is a surprising hard answer to find on the wild web.


I have this years SL 6.0, changed to WTB Raddler 37s. They are just assome!

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I have put 35mm gravel kings on mine recently. There is a decent amount of room left on the front so I’m pretty confident that 38mm would have fit (obviously it’s going to depend on your rims what the tyre actually measures). On the rear I think it might be a bit of a squeeze at the chainstays. There was about a 5-8mm gap between the tyre and the chainstay I think. 38mm MIGHT fit if it’s a true 38 or a bit undersized. If you’re fine just selling the tyre if it doesn’t fit then maybe worth a try.

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Does anyone know if the clearance differs between the AL and CF models? These links suggests the CF can take 50mm at the front and at least 38mm at the back.