Trek Cronus CX bike - tire question

I have a 2012 Trek Cronus CX bike that I want to use as a gravel bike. Currently has Easton Circuit rims with 32mm Clement tires. I have a set of Hunt 4 Season wheels on the way, and I’d like to mount Panaracer Gravel Kings, ideally 38mm. Anybody know if these will fit the Cronus? Thanks.

Just measure it. You’ll need at least 3mm more space on each side. The tyre shape might change that slightly, but tbh if it looks like there’d be less than 5mm clearance in any place, I wouldn’t run those tyres anyway.

I’m just finishing building a Cronus CX as a gravel bike and I’ve comfortably fit 38mm Specialized Pathfinder Pro tires. Go for it!