Canyon speed max purchase without fit

Hi All,
I dug through the canyon thread, but wanted to post more specifically. Has anyone purchased a speedmax using just the canyon fit guide? No professional bike fit. Did it work out? For a variety of reasons getting a fit I believe in has been difficult the last few months, so was considering this. Thanks for the input and experiences.

I did it and it was fine for me. (180/86cm, M)
It is important that you do the measurements right. Support hotline was also helpful in this process. If you are right between two sizes, I’d go with the smaller sice.

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I did a fit on a rider that used the chart and got a bike one size too big, IMO.

If you haven’t already done so, checking with the Slow Twitch forum is a good idea. That and looking at the Pad X/Y of any bike with aero bars (even clipons) you’ve already use are helpful.

Thanks, I did check on ST, specifically the fitting thread, and seemed most people had fits prior to buying and that was definitely recommended, which I know. Just thought I’d see if several people had success without a fit.

I’m not sure it it’ll help but I used the canyon fit for a inflite and it is perfect for me. They do have a great return policy, I think it’s like 30 or 60 days and you can return the bike if it’s not what you were looking for.