Canyon Inflite 3XS - 650B wheelset, where are the tires?

I kinda wanna get a inflite when it gets back available in my size. But now i saw they come with 650B wheels - I’ve looked up for tires at the shops i normally browse at and they are so rare, like how.

This isn’t a new concept right to use smaller wheels in smaller frames? Why aren’t shops stocking these tires? Am i taking a risk to buy one? I mean, i kinda want eventually upgrade my tires or replace them with Challenge Tires or Dugast but none of those have tires for 650B atm.

What width are you looking for?

Agree the tire selection is harder, especially in narrower CX widths. I did find a Panaracer smooth GK 38 for my trainer bike recently and it seems like they are fairly readily available.

Looking on competitive cyclist, there are others too. Continental 5000s in 28. terra speeds in 35s, 40s.

Maybe I take it back – maybe not as many options, but not terrible…

I was looking at 33mm thats a normal CX tire i think.

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yeah - seems like they have road tires and gravel tires in greater supply. on a quick search, the only 33 I could find was

If you don’t need UCI legal, seems like 35-42 provide more choice.

It’s hard to find narrow CX tires for 650B wheels because it’s extremelly rare combination, actually I know only Canyon that normally sell it. Almost everybody thinking about smaller wheels do it to accomodate wide MTB tire.

By the way - I used to use Conti Terra Trail (real 45mm) in my 3XS Inflite and this is JUST that much rear triangle can fit without almost no clearance.

PS: When you get your bike, could you please measure the fork length axle-to-crown? I sold mine but I’d like to know it to potentially use that fork somewhere else - it should fit at least 2,1" tire (as far I can remember it) yand is shorter than typical gravel fork - but how much shorter is to be checked :slight_smile: