Canyon Endurance on a dumb trainer

Has anyone put a canyon endurance disc brake bike on a trainer? I have a Cycleops Fluid trainer that I would like to use the canyon on to fine tune a few things. I bought a thru axle, and a shorter bolt. There is a plastic piece where the thru axle should exit on the cassette side. Wondering if anyone has removed this before? I sent that same questions to canyon, but hoping to learn from others experiences. Plus they are currently closed for the weekend. Thanks!

I have an old cycleops fluid trainer I take with me for training when I travel for work, and my new gravel bike a thru-axle so I was planning on doing something along the lines of this guy’s idea. Basically just a couple of bolts with some big nuts for the trainer to clamp onto. I’m not familiar with the canyon and the plastic piece but if it comes off I dunno why this wouldn’t work.

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Yes. Had to remove the small Canyon dust cover on for the thru axle converter for the trainer. Make sure you replace the small retaining screw that was holding the dust cover in, otherwise the rear derailleur will fall off.

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