Cycleops Fluid 2 - disc brake bike

I have a Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer, and i will change my road bike (rim brake) to a new one with disc brake. I think i have to buy a specific thru axle to use with the new bike, can you help me guys?


I think what you need is called a CYCLEOPS TRAINER THROUGH AXLE KIT

Here in Europe is very dificult to find Cycleops parts, so what options do i have (besides Cycleops)?

Where abouts in Europe are you based?

Portugal :portugal:

How about seeing if you can get a generic adaptor … something like: The Robert Axle Project Turbo Trainer

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I made a similar bike change recently and the thru axle from Robert axle project is excellent.

I did the same thing :grinning: