New Celebration Road Bike-BMC/Canyon etc?

Hey all,
I’m looking at getting a new race bike later this summer to celebrate a few things in life (also surviving 2020 is reason enough).
Our elite team has been on Scott bikes for several years and I love my existing bikes. I am interested in getting an aero road bike since I have a very lightweight climbing bike/TT bike/aluminum 105 training bike.
However, like most bikes, they are sold out all year, even for our team.
I might be able to get a BMC TeamMachine for a decent price…and this year, but it isn’t their aero model. I’m curious what anyone who has a recent version thinks of it and any real pro/cons you’ve noticed.
Also, I’m very interested in Canyon’s Aero bike…if they are available (their website said delays, not absolutely none).
Since my options are limited, it’s basically the BMC, a Canyon (if they are available) or wait until I can get a Scott next year.
I’d love any input from anyone with experience in those brands.
Also, assume DA groupset and I’m not concerned with the price as much as performance. Cheers!