Can't Calibrate TruTrainer Smart Load -- No Speed


I’m unable to calibrate my TruTrainer rollers in TrainerRoad – the speed gauge doesn’t work; no matter how fast I pedal, it doesn’t go above 0.1 mph.

When I connect the rollers to my head unit using FE+C, the speed shows up correctly.

I can still do workouts with TR, power and resistance control seem to work fine, calibration is the only issue.

Any advice?


  • Eric

My advice would be to contact support and see if they can figure out what is going on.


Other than the good recommendation to contact TR support, what do TruTrainer typically recommend or offer for calibration?

  • You can calibrate with whatever they normally recommend and that data will be used when you load TR for any workouts. It’s not necessary to calibrate specifically with TR.

Thanks. I can do a spindown calibration with the TruTrainer app. It’s a bit of a pain, but not insurmountable, and what I’ve been doing so far. I thought maybe I’d encounter someone here who had experienced the same isse.

The TruTrainer people suggested that the data protocol for trainers had 2 different fields for speed, “virtual speed” and “actual speed”; the rollers apparently supply the actual, so maybe TR is only looking at virtual.

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Copy that. See what TR support has to say and go from there.

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