Cannondale SuperSix Evo on a Tacx Trainer with thru axle

Hi all. Asking for some advice on behalf of a family member. She has a Cannondale SuperSix Evo Disc and wants to fit it onto her Tacx Flux S. However, it seems there’s a bit of an interesting axle situation with this bike, where the thru axle has some kind of double thread that allows for an easy removal of the wheel without taking the full axle out. Although it does a standard 12x142 hub so sizing should be ok. Tacx have told her the bike isn’t compatible with the turbo, and I understand its the driveside dropout being the culprit. I can’t see anything online from a brief search myself, and I do not have access to see the bike in person to verify either. However, you would think there is a way to make this work.

I’ve got a tacx turbo but no real instructions left, and with my QR arrangement I have the thru axle bits still spare in pics for reference. It doesn’t look like it can use the bikes axle on the turbo looking at mine (same turbo here), with the thru axle attachments from Tacx being used instead.

Does anyone have this bike (or similar Cannondale e.g. SystemSix) and know what to do to get it on a Tacx Flux? I believe the same could be said for a Neo as the attachments are the same.

Cannondale may not approve of it, but I’ve certainly mounted mine on my Flux S and run it many times on the thru axle adaptor kit without issue. Sometimes manufacturers don’t approve it for clearance issues, but I never noticed anything particularly scary.


If you need specific instructions I can send some when I’m home later today, just let me know!

Thank you that would be appreciated. Good to see it works!

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I have the Neo and use my SuperSix Evo 2020 Disc on it. Teammate has the Flux and also uses it. We had to contact Garmin to have the 12x1 double lead adapter and also an extra 2mm spacer to clear the disc brake caliper.

Direct drive adapter M12x1, 5mm axle - dual threaded

2mm spacer

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That’s great to know. Thank you. I presume they are part codes that Garmin will know.

I just checked and the kit I used is the same as the one you have pictured, you have to screw in the two adaptors and then slide the axle through the frame dropouts (so frame is already positioned on the turbo, it should sit against those adaptors and ‘fit’ without being secure) with the correct spacer (not the conical one which is also supplied). Then clamp the frame down using the quick release, and it works all fine. Must admit I never inspected closely clearances as I just assumed it would work, but it did, and I never heard any untoward noises!

You cannot (and should not) use the axle from the actual bike, they won’t work.

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Same situation here trying to fit a Cannondale SuperSix Evo 2021 on a Flux 2, which seems to be the same as the 2020 model with the thru axle staying in the wheel.

Bit confused as the two solutions described above seem to differ a bit in the parts used.

@FredMeunier are you just using the quick release that comes with the Tacx? Together with the S0055 adapter and S2850.06 spacer? Do you need two S0055 adapters, or is one sufficient?

@ahackett445 @Jackofallgrades what parts did you order to have it working? That quick release looks a bit different to the one that comes with the Tacx.

Your help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

This is it I think:

Check the bits that came with your trainer, as I’m pretty sure the little adaptors (which are the smaller parts in that kits as opposed to a completely different axle) came with mine?

Maybe could help too. That’s what I used for my 20’ SuperSix disc.

You’re right, it does come with some adapters:

That quick release that you linked does look very different from the one that I have however. I wonder if ordering the S0055 Direct drive adapter M12x1, 5mm axle - dual threaded is sufficient to get it working.

I really think that’s the same kit or at least the same thru axle, I would check the writing on those axle end bits (I can’t quite make them out) as it looks like they specify which axle standard they should be used for.

I’ll give it a go with the S0055 adapter and S2850.06 spacer. They should be arriving tomorrow, so I’ll report back if it works :slight_smile:

Appreciate the responses, thanks.

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Unfortunately I think I’ll also need the S0040 thru axle kit. I was able to mount the bike with proper clearances and all, but the QR that came with my Tacx doesn’t have that inward thru-axle bit on the lever-end side, which makes the frame come off the trainer when applying lots of pressure on the pedals.

You can see the difference when comparing the two:


I’m having same issues with my Supersix Evo and the Tacx Neo 2T. I have the kit but I feel the axle is not long enough so I can’t get an end cap on. I didn’t know there was other axles you can purchase?? I am interested to see final solutions for any other Canndondale riders out there :slight_smile:

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I’m also having issues setting up my supersix on the flux 2 trainer. My flux 2 was missing the S0040 quick release in the box. After contacting Garmin, the part seems to be discontinued in Canada. Waiting to hear back from Garmin on possible solution…

I just wanted to follow up on this because i was running into the same issue. I’ve got a Look 785 Huez RS that uses Mavic’s speed release thru axle and was having trouble getting it seated onto my Tacx Neo 2 as well, but @FredMeunier has it almost 100% correct

you need these and you’ll also need Tacx’s Axle Adapter kit Axle Adapter Kit for Tacx FLUX & NEO Trainers | Garmin (part no: 010-13143-00) in conjunction with the other two pieces.

Here’s a link to the Direct Drive adapter: Direct drive adapter M12x1 dual threaded | Garmin

for the 2.7mm spacer, you’ll have to contact Tacx/Garmin support and request the part number (S2850.06) and they’ll send it out for you, i think it’ll be around 5-6 dollars shipped. (fwiw i’m not using the spacer right now since the clearance is tight but doesn’t seem to be rubbing. that might change though!)

This should work for any bike that uses the speed release system and the Tacx trainers before they had native thru axle support. Hopefully this helps somebody else out in the future!

(i’m in the US btw, i’m not sure exactly what’s offered elsewhere but garmin will probably help you out. they were really helpful when i contacted them)