Anyone using a new SuperSix EVO with Wahoo Kickr Core?

Hello everybody, I am in the process of buying a new bike and the final selection is between three of them, one is a SuperSix EVO HM 2021.

Never owned a Cannondale, I thought I could give it a try, but I’ve been told I won’t be able to put my other wheels on it because it has an asymmetric frame rear, and I might have problems with the trainer.

Also, it sports the SpeedRelease thru axle, and I cannot find information about compatibility anywhere on Wahoo site.

I have asked both Wahoo and Cannondale Support, via mail, ticketing and even social networks. No answers.

Can someone confirm if it works with a Wahoo Kicker Core, or if I have to discard this option?

Thx in advance

Well I’ve just asked a Cannondale dealer for you and they have no idea!

Have you tried ringing Wahoo? 1(877) 978-1112 (T-F) 10am-5pm ET

Wow. Same response as from my LBS… :-/
Thank you for trying…

Actually, no, I didn’t think of calling - I mean, using that antique phone servic :slight_smile: - Wahoo HQ, but I I’m afraid those numbers are not quite toll free to call from the other side of the globe. But I guess I’ll try and find out soon, if I don’t manage to get an answer from some support or from someone who’s using the bike+trainer combo.

There’s your answer. So it’s possible, but a pain.

On one hand it says “for a SystemSix”, on the other one… I dont really get why one should change the derailleur hanger for putting the bike on a turbo :no_mouth: Thank you for the link, I’ll try and dig down.

If it wasn’t such a sexy bike I wouldn’t bother anymore… it’s all a take or take w/ Cannondale: their wheels only, their crancks only, their bb only, their powermeter only (almost)… as I said, if it wasn’t so sexy as it is.

I found the SuperSix EVO Owner’s Manual Supplement which states that for thru axles you just have to follow the manufacturer instructions for the use of any required adapters. I see the very same wording in other models’ manuals, so this paragraph helps not.

Okay, after two days Cannondale just responded (via social, so social first support).
Answer was: “did you ask wahoo?”.

This is very frustrating. Looks like Argon or Trek, the new bike will be…

But if anyone can give some advice… I’d really appreciate. Thank you.

FWIW my systemsix bolts straight up to the kickr with the supplied adapter.


Thank you Rondal. Does your bike have AI geometry and the Speed Release?

It has speed release, not sure what you mean by AI geometry?

The asymmetric integration, that’s how they call having the rear frame offset 6mm to the right, so the centerline of their wheels is offset in the other direction.

I guess the flywheel will just result out of centre, but if nothing touches the chainstays -supersix has short chainstays- everything should be fine…

Unfortunately Wahoo doesn’t answer, and Cannondale told me they need to confirm for the speed release. But if you use it with the standard adapter this should also be allright.

Again i’m on a systemsix so there may be a difference…BUT…my suggestion would be to bolt everything up. Use hand thread to start everything to avoid any cross thread potential, and make sure everything is snug and tightening up evenly. check the clearance on everything to make sure nothing is rubbing/touching where it could cause issues (especially near the dropouts). And if all is good give it an easy spin just to ensure no other issues.

I have a 2020 SuperSix EVO HM and use it on a Neo2. Tacx had to provide an adapter to thread into the 12x1 double lead. Some of my teammates use the same bike on Wahoo. From what I know, Wahoo Thru-axle adapter don’t have thread so they fit in the frame no problem. Not sure about your wheel asymmetry… I assume any rear disc wheel 12x142 would work…

Thank you Fred; if you could drop them a note to doublecheck and be on the safe side that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

I’ve found this video here by Shane Miller who is attaching a SystemSix to a 2018 Kickr with the standard thru axle adapters, and apparently there’s no issue with the Speed Release axle (it looks like a speed release at least…).

He doesn’t mention anything about compatibility issues with the asymmetric frame.

I assume the Kickr Core to be similar in design, and the flywheel maybe smaller so, all in all, I believe it might be compatible…

After 2 months, almost, Cannondale’s customer service answered. I already had bought the bike, taking the risk, and I can confirm it works. Anyhow, the very surprising thing here is that they told me that S6EVO does not have asymmetric geometry, even if every review I read/watched before purchasing mentioned it and my LBS -Cannondale official- swears for it… (the website used to refer to it also, but it does not any more… so… who knows) :thinking:

I’m guessing money isn’t that tight for you. Could you not just buy a 2nd hand bike for a few hundred pounds and stick that on the turbo? No more Evo worries :slight_smile:

Well actually I did the revese path… I sold two bikes -the good one and the turbo one- and went on with some garage simplification. Of course I had to add in some money, but I’ve got a modern, good and creacking bike now. Oh, and it has disc brakes… :slight_smile:


Just on the AI offset… that is a Cannondale feature but not on the Supersix. You’ll have no issues swapping wheel sets around. I think it mainly applies to their off road offerings, MTB and Gravel specifically, and even then only on the higher end models (my Sora Topstone has ‘normal’ spacing, hurrah!) :slight_smile:

This is weird – if you use the Speed Release thru axles, they have the double-lead thread. So then your derailleur hanger must also be double-lead thread (it will be printed on the outside, “double lead” or “single lead”). But if you have the double-lead hanger that is NOT supposed to work with Wahoo/Tacx axles without damaging the thread…

Yes the RD hanger says double lead, I’m using the bike’s own axle on the trainer.

Actually I bought 1 extra axlw, so I can leave the axles on and swap quickly from trainer to wheel (this feature is one of the reasons I bought the Cannondale for…).

Wahoo only provides the adapters for the thru axle, but not the axle itself: the trainer comes with standard quickrelease.