Tacx Neo & Venge Disc 2019/20

Has anyone successfully used the current Specialized Venge (Disc) with a tacx Neo?

I have the “old” Neo and bought the adapter kit for x12mm thru axle ( T2835 ). I installed everything according to the manual/available videos.

But, when i try to put the venge onto the trainer, i cant seem fit it properly.
I can still move the bike left/right and it has some play at the thru axle mount (hard to say, but i think only on non drive side).
It seems like the conical end piece is a bit too small… the skewer itself is tightened/hard to close…

Has anyone an idea if I did something wrong or what to do?

I know the bike fits the Neo as a friend of mine used that exact setup without any problems.
The Neo does come with spacers, perhaps they need adding to one side??

It might need a different mount for the specialized thru axle. On my tarmac sl6 it did not mount correctly on my tacx neo with their axle kit. I emailed them and they said yea, you need a special holder and they mailed me one.

The conical end piece is too long so there’s play even when tightened. The solution was that they sent a replacement piece that was cut shorter and it was all gravy after that. Don’t tighten it too tight, you’ll mark up your paint job :weary:

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Ah ok, that would fit with my observation…
Do you use the small spacer that was originally delivered with the Neo (T2805.06) , or don’t you use the spacer?

No, I don’t think I used the spacer? I don’t remember what came with the neo, but this is a pic of all the parts I use for the thru axle. In the second pic you can see the difference between the conical end pieces. The one on the bottom is what came with the kit and the one on top is what they sent me when I told them I was having problems.

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Tacx really need to work on getting 12mm through axle support. The quality of the mounting kits is awesome, but it would be a whole lot better if we could use the existing thru axle.

FWIW I had similar issues getting my 142x12 adapter to work with a Genesis Vapour CX.
It was using the flat piece not the tapered, and I ended up spacing it out with a thick washer, ground down to the correct diameter. Not ideal!
Same issue though, the inner section that passed through the frame was too long.

This may help: Tacx Neo 12x142 through axle kit how to fit part 2 - YouTube

For disc brakes, you need to use the spacer or it won’t fit. (Apologies if this was mentioned already)

I tried the spacer, but the issue still occurs.

I also contacted tacx regarding the different conical endpiece

What if you add a rubber washer; will that prevent scratching. I have all the parts but don’t want to risk cracking or scratching the frame.

What if you add a rubber washer; will that prevent scratching. I have all the parts but don’t want to risk cracking or scratching the frame.

maybe if it’s a really hard rubber washer. I could see that working ok. My solution was to just get another bike for the trainer hahahaha

I had to use the spacer ( a black ring as shown in the youtube video it came with my friends neo 2 it is not supplied if you buy the adapter in the shop) with my venge ( otherwise the Disc calliper would touch the NEO) and i shortened the large conical piece by 0,5 cm so it goes far enough in the frame to tighten it .

Thomas and Group. I have a 2020 S-works venge and I just picked up the tacx neo 2. The issue I am having is attaching the threaded plug on the outside of my frameset on the drive side. The thru axle threads and the frame material are preventing the plug to thread into the frameset from the outside. I checked to make sure the threads are correct by threading into the frame from the inside (similar to a standard thru axle). Any recommendations from the group so that I can set my bike up on this trainer. Otherwise, this purchase may have been a complete bust.

Does anyone know if there is a non-threaded plug that can be used on the drive side that can still attach to the threads on the skewer when placed into the bike?


Do You have a picture of the piece that needs to go on the drive side ?


Chris FitzPatrick

Chris FitzPatrick

(Attachment Video.mov is missing)

(Attachment Video_1.mov is missing)

Not quite the picture I was after .

On the picture you can see the piece I use on the right hand side ( drive side )

Also try cleaning your thread in your frame with N earswab and use some grease on the piece you are threading in .

Did you manage to resolve this issue at all? Seem to have the same problem myself.