2022 Specialized Crux info?

Anyone got any insider info on the new, redesigned Crux that’s supposed to release this year?

It is on the UCI approved list, so very likely to happen.

I know it is happening, I already have confirmation from my local Specialized rep. Just don’t have any details.

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Ive heard it will be released in august? Probably the prices are sick on it and it will look more like the SL7 I guess (sl6 is a prettier bike), but we’ll see…
Bought a 2019 expert with rival and crap wheels for about 4350 USD. Now that bike is gone and model is replaced by a 4530 USD Crux (model year 2021) APEX build with crapcrapcrap wheels… SO my hopes on a cheaper 2022 Crux is just wishes I guess.
Im having a look at focus mares and Vitus energie EVO instead. We’ll see…

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Not sure about timing (just ‘Fall’ for what that’s worth), but the inside scoop from my shop is that it’s going to be less pure CX racer and move a bit further on the gravel spectrum. Could be that just means more mount points. Or does it mean a lower BB and longer reach? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

If I had to guess, I would say they will position the new Crux as CX/light weight gravel race, and move the Diverge more into the adventure/bike packing realm.

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CX bikes seem to be less subject to the shifting winds of bike industry change. Maybe internal routing, integrated stem/bar combo, but the basics will stay the same

Man I really hope it isn’t. I’ve been eyeing the Crux for my new CX bike but would take a hard pass if it becomes more gravel oriented.