2022 Specialized Crux info?

Anyone got any insider info on the new, redesigned Crux that’s supposed to release this year?

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It is on the UCI approved list, so very likely to happen.

I know it is happening, I already have confirmation from my local Specialized rep. Just don’t have any details.

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Ive heard it will be released in august? Probably the prices are sick on it and it will look more like the SL7 I guess (sl6 is a prettier bike), but we’ll see…
Bought a 2019 expert with rival and crap wheels for about 4350 USD. Now that bike is gone and model is replaced by a 4530 USD Crux (model year 2021) APEX build with crapcrapcrap wheels… SO my hopes on a cheaper 2022 Crux is just wishes I guess.
Im having a look at focus mares and Vitus energie EVO instead. We’ll see…

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Not sure about timing (just ‘Fall’ for what that’s worth), but the inside scoop from my shop is that it’s going to be less pure CX racer and move a bit further on the gravel spectrum. Could be that just means more mount points. Or does it mean a lower BB and longer reach? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

If I had to guess, I would say they will position the new Crux as CX/light weight gravel race, and move the Diverge more into the adventure/bike packing realm.

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CX bikes seem to be less subject to the shifting winds of bike industry change. Maybe internal routing, integrated stem/bar combo, but the basics will stay the same

Man I really hope it isn’t. I’ve been eyeing the Crux for my new CX bike but would take a hard pass if it becomes more gravel oriented.


Prices on S-works frameset is almost double the price from 2021. The big S is doing it ugly. Raising prices on the old frame to justify that the new frame is “same price”. Buy something else, like most guys seem to do. This pricing is bollocks.

Yep I saw that too. $5000 now, same frame listed at $2700 a month ago. Haven’t even listed the MY2022 stuff yet. Insane.

The crazy thing is that the frames are supposedly the same (description for all the frame lists them as 11r) for all models. Which means you can buy the CruX or CruX Comp and get the same exact frame as a whole bike, for cheaper than the S-Works. You really are paying for the name, or color.


Crux 2021? - Page 9 - Weight Weenies new info on weenies.

Wow, a downgrade in the frame and a big price increase. Great job Specialized.

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New crux dropping soon (info from my shop). $6000 for the expert model (rival AXS + carbon wheels), $3200 for the frameset.

My shop notified me yesterday that backorders start today for the new crux. 3 levels, $8k for the pro model with Force AXS XPLR and Terra CL wheels, $6k for the expert model with Rival AXS XPLR and Terra C wheels, and $4,200 for the Comp model with Rival mecahnical and Dt swiss aluminum wheels.

My rep also said that the new crux is positioned as more of a lightweight gravel race bike, and a little less as a CX bike. The embargo ends Oct. 8th, with no idea of when they will be delivered. I have no other info on tire clearance or anythling like that.


Full details, straight from Specialized…confirms the idea of a lightweight gravel race bike. Have not yet seen geometry yet…will be interesting to see what they do with things like BB height, etc if they are now going to a more gravel focus.

“I am excited to introduce you to the NEW Specialized Crux.
This bike will be opening for booking today at 12:00pm EST. I will send a follow-up e-mail with the booking link as soon as I have it available.
This bike will launch to riders on October 8th, 2021. It has already been leaked in public under the likes of Ian Boswell and Maghalia Rochetta at the Vermont Overland a couple of weeks ago.

We made the lightest production road bike in the world with the Aethos. But why stop at having the lightest road bike in the world when we could have the TWO lightest? Enter the new Crux.
A new gravel platform that climbs like a dream and floats over nightmarish terrain. The S-Works weighs in at 725 grams and the 10R frameset at 825 grams.
The bike is equipped with 3 water bottle mounts two in the traditional locations and one on the bottom of the down tube, but is otherwise stripped of any features that don’t benefit performance.
The bike will accommodate up to 700x47mm tires for the roughest terrain. Or a massive 650bx2.1 for those going further off the beaten path.
This bike uses all new geometry putting in the bike versus the feeling of sitting on top of the bike. You really feel the connection of the bike which allows you to produce more power and feel comfortable and confident across mixed terrain.

S-Works framsets: 3 color options
10R framsets (no seatpost): 3 color options
S-Works: 1 color option
Pro: 2 colors 1 Mild, 1 Wild. Boswell at Vermont Overland pictured below with the Wild colorway.
Expert: 2 colors 1 Mild, 1 Wild
Comp: 2 colors 1 Mild, 1 semi Mild (artic blue)

900 frames available at time of launch.
2000 complete bikes to arrive in the USA prior to 12.31.21.
Pros will not arrive until November.”


Hmm, interesting. Seemingly to adopt a geometry closer to the Diverge, but lack the “functional” mounts. I doubt it will have the FutureShock either, in the aim of light weight and simplicity for “gravel racing”. Honestly will give this a good look, depending on the final geo and specs.

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Yeah, would seem they are moving to a more relaxed geometry vs. a CX frame, but maybe a bit more aggressive than the Diverge? Their comment about “in the bike” vs. “on top of the bike” seems to indicate this…

From the pics I saw, there are no top tube mounts and the seat stays are traditional, not dropped.

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Interesting they aren’t going with integrated cables, especially if this is a gravel race bike. I know you’re not going as fast as on the road but I feel like you’re much more likely to be on your own than in a big pack. I do like the tire clearance though and the weight is awesome. No seatpost for the 10r frame though? Really?

On a related note, the new Trek Boone went with an integrated cockpit almost identical to the Emonda. Can’t find the tire clearance but if it’s close to the CruX, and the addition of IsoSpeed, it would be hard to beat at its price of $2700 for the frame. Looks like the CruX’s big selling point is the weight and tire clearance.

Seems like they are following the Stigmata route. I almost bought an Aspero to run as my gravel and cx bike. I took it out for some hot laps on the local course and it was fine. Tight cornering was slightly slower than my Mares, but doable.

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  • From my sources, 38mm max tire for 700c.