Cannondale Super Six Evo Hi-Mod normal wear on drop out?

Quick question. I purchased a new Cannondale Super Six Evo Hi-Mod a few weeks back. I have done maybe 500 km, mostly all done on a trip to the French Alps and no indoor trainer use, and have noticed that that the axle nut on the drive side which connects with the frame has scored it as per the photo. Is that normal wear after such a short period of time? I am running with Zipp 303 with the 188 hub V8. I just want to check as my old frame, which this replaced, had the drop outs totally ground down after 7 years of very hard use, largely I had thought because I had not tightened the QR on my Kickr hard enough . I am therefore super paranoid and wanted to gauge if people think this is normal wear after 500 km ?

Many thanks.

Well this looks like kind of normal to me, although still a lot of wear for a couple of weeks…
I suspect you tightened the QR down hard after your past experience?
Maybe try to not overdo it as well, hand tightening without excessive force is enough (I learned the rule of thumb that the feel of the skewer should feel loose until moving it about 90 degrees - on my trainer even that is too much force)

Here is mine for comparison. This is after about 16 months, while taking it on and off the trainer multiple times a week:

Ballistec instead of HM, but I’m pretty sure dropout & RD Hanger are the same.
So there clearly is some wear. (even more pronounced on the non drive side for me)

FYI while doing a quick search on this topic I found this interesting decade-old weightweenies thread where someone posted a (non Evo) Supersix with a pretty much totaled rear dropout and apparently got this response from Cannondale:

Make sure that the wheel mounts correctly and that there’s no damage. If it looks good, ride it. The damage as seen in the photos does not appear to be anything to worry about as far as the structure of the bike.

With this being said please take your bike to your local Cannondale Retailer so that they can examine the issue and make sure that everything is good to go. Your local Cannondale Retailer can further assist.

Thank you for contacting Cannondale. Have a nice day.

Cannondale Bicycle Corporation

Thanks for the response it is super helpful and reassures me greatly. I agree it does look very similar. It might be that you get that initial scoring as the thread pushes into the frame for the first times and then it essentially holds at that level. I might just ping Cannondale an email with photo just to seek but suspect I will get exactly the same response. Thanks again and it will be interesting to see what others experience is.

I’ve a 2014 SSEHM and exactly the same (and has been since I can remember). Used the bike heavily on both the trainer and around 15,000km p.a.

Looks fine to me!

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2013 SuperX Hi mod with the same marks its just the carbon dropouts

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That looks normal to me, but it’s always hard to tell from a picture.
if you’re unsure then take it to a shop just to be on the safe side.

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I had this problem on my old Evo and it eventually caused the tire to rub the chainstay and eventually I retired the bike.

But what’s the problem…?

The composite wore away and the rear didn’t align properly with the hub butted against the hanger, caused the tire to wear the NDS seat stay. Frame was a loss but served me well for may years.

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When you say many years how many ?


Wow - not good!!