Bluetooth dongles

I’ve just been searching the forum for posts about Bluetooth dongles and saw an old thread in which it was said that you could only use one specific BT dongle with Trainerroad, is this still the case?

I want to use Trainerroad and RGT with my smart trainer and I now have a Bludongle and 2 Ant+ dongles.

Can someone recommend the best way to connect and if order of connection is relevant?

Thank you.

It can depend upon your hardware/OS. Have you checked out this article?

Hey, I use TR and Zwift concurrently. I have 1 bluetooth and one ANT+ Dongle. I disabled Bluetooth in TR Settings, so TR always uses the ANT+ Dongle and Zwift uses the BT one. Works flawlessly, I’d recommend starting TR first in this scenario.

I suppose you can use the same approach with RGT instead of Zwift for yourself. Just make sure RGT does not take control of your smart trainer if you want to use TR in ERG mode.

More info here (tailored to Zwift, but again, just interchange RGT for it):


I hadn’t realised this was an option. Anyway, as I have 2 Ant dongles I just used those today and it work perfectly. Think I’ll abandone Bluetooth for now.


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Thanks, most common app is Windows 10. That Bluegiga BLED112 is available to me in the UK but not sure I really need it now tbh.

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