Can my structures keep up?

Hey fellas,

First time here, i just started using TR for almost 2 weeks now. So far i love it! i set some events (crit races) and chose high volume plan. I have a solid background in crit-racing multiple years and i know im capable of handling 400-600 TSS per week.

What is new tho: i never trained with such high intensity, usually i did 1 or 2 HIIT sessions and filled the rest with Z2 rides. now im more time constrained due to full time working and so on.

First week was very good, now i start noticing little bites and stitches in some parts of my legs, (ankles, knees, under my heels) which signal to me that my structures are a little bit overwhelmed :smiley: my bike is well fitted, i try to involve all muscles in my pedal strokes (especially the rear kinematic-chain) and i dont think i have any imbalances.

My question is, does anyone have had similar experience? will the training load be too much for my structures not able to adapt in-time? will the mechanical load on joints and structures get less as plan progresses? (right now its build phase with a lot of SST and i feel like long time on moderate zones does put a lot of stress on my structures) Any onther recommendations like yoga, stretching, blackroll etc.?

Cheers :slight_smile: Marcus


What color is your bike?

Only two weeks and you are doing Build? And if you are time constrained why are you doing HV?

Even a well fitted bike will feel weird when fixed to a trainer - it just doesn’t move in the same way (or indeed at all) as out on the road. That takes time to get used to.


Ah sorry i meant base Phase …

Good point - I will try to do some Workouts outdoors when light and weather get better for after work rides

Why not doing HV? I was doing a lot of zone 2 in December and January and just recently started full time working again. I have the time for HV plan but not for 20 hours weeks anymore like I used to

I don’t know your physiology/ history but whilst its natural for your body to adapt jumping straight into a HV plan might be a step too far and break you. I would suggest scaling things back before that happens and augment down the line as your body updates.

FWIW in answer to your first question I have had weaknesses develop and something will need to balance up/ strengthen up so stopping altogether IMO isn’t good, just scaling things back perhaps and building through the niggle. Touchwood, that approach has worked for me and I’ve not had a true injury since my ITB went in 2007.

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Well Trainerroad themselves say you should not do high volume plans when you first start. It will probably be more intense than you are used to/can cope with. They say high volume plans aren’t suitable for most people as well.

The Trainerroad advice is to start with low volume plans and if you feel you need to add more volume do some extra low intensity rides. Once you have completed your first training plan asses how it went and whether you think you should try a higher volume plan.


Oh- I did not know they don’t recommend that… to me it was logical conclusion looking at my last months where I did like 300-500 TSS per week mostly in zone 2 to pick the high volume plan. Maybe I will scale it down
Thanks for the Input so far

I have done mid-volume in the past and regularly hit 300+ TSS per week.

this seems like a trolling post to me.

I feel like yours is an actual trolling post

Would you mind going into more detailed explanation for your assumption ?

  • What trainer are you using?

  • What is your prior experience with training inside?

Riding and training inside can be a very different feel and load on our body compared to riding outside. Depending on your trainer, gearing and trainer mode in use, it’s possible to be applying loads to your body that are novel and different than what we experience outside.

I would generally recommend people start with the Low Volume plans and get used to the demands of inside riding before hitting it hard. You mention your TSS and it’s important to recognize that the inside demand is different (some would say harder) than outside for the same TSS. Some of that is the general lack of coasting and other easy efforts when doing structured workouts on a trainer.

I can’t vouch for any of the other ideas likes stretching and yoga, but it’s important to see the differences we get inside and consider a slower entry than what you may be getting right now.

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Thanks for the input, I just changed the plan to mid volume (I deleted and set it up fresh which seems the only way, right ?)
when I initially answered the questions in the plan builder with „how much did u train last weeks?“ with 10+ hours (which was correct by that time) it proposed me to do high volume plan… so I don’t really get why half of the comments here go crazy on me doing High volume… how can I know? I just answered the questions honestly.

I think mid volume is a better approach and when doing outside workouts I will naturally extend the prescribed TSS anyways since there is a bit of travel to my „race-track“ involved (I live in a big city)

  • No fault on you. That is an onboarding issue that TrainerRoad has had for some time. Your instance is not the first with confusion about volume selection, and it won’t be the last until they revise the setup somehow.
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You could have edited it another way but its 6 and half a dozen :+1: The way I tend to edit is to add a dummy event and the plan builder process is instigated but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another way :joy:

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Correct, for future reference, here is the related support article:

This and many more useful articles can be seen and searched at this starting point.