Campy Ekar - Wahoo Kickr compatability help,hacks?

Ekar is great, but what is not great is there seems to be no option to install this on Wahoo Kickr’s…That I am aware of. So I turn to you wizards of cycling on TRF.

Wahoo says they know there is no “option” at this time for a N3W compatible hub body. :frowning:

Are there any hacks out there or options users have made work? I believe the chain and cassette are a bit unique, and the N3W hub is backwards compatible. Could you utilize a 12 speed chain and hub… Maybe in erg no shifting? Any ideas…Or just SOL and wait.

Thanks for any help

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I am also in the same boat! About to put on Ekar and interested to see if anyone has any tips.
Maybe I will be the guinea pig and give it a try in ERG mode (which is what I’m using most of the time anyway)…

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Let us know how it goes, a dedicated chain would not bother me for the trainer assuming it “worked” in erg.


Hi all, did anyone manage to solve this?

I am also considering the upgrade to Ekar on my bike

Looks like you’ve got a cog spacing of 3.35 mm vs Campy 12 of 3.5 and Sram/Shimano 3.95

Attacking the freehub end of things… What kind of wheels do you have? If the current hubs use pawl, try putting it on the kicker… it might just work. The kickr uses a 17mm axle and probably has a pretty standard pawl diameter. It might just work.

I think my next bike will have Ekar and this is giving me a good excuse to get a Kickr Bike for a dedicated indoor setup!

Just get an old road frame and put some cheap parts onto it and use that with the KICKR.

That’s what I’ve done and therefore do not need to think about adapters, spacers and all that hack this to work nonsense.

A dedicated road frame for the trainer.


@bwright @Ajpjr1x @LRZ @Peteski

Did any of you find a solution?
Can you just use it in ERG mode with a non-13 speed cassette?

I reached out to wahoo regarding this and they have no plans to support ekar at pressent - I think a 12 speed cassette of some description is the only option.

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This. I’ve had a dedicated trainer bike for a few years and makes things so much easier. I got a cannondale frame off eBay. Asked my riding buddies for spare parts. And only had to buy shifters. If if you really want to make it cheaper, you don’t need shifters just brake hoods, put the chain in the middle of the cassette and ride away on ERG!


I never found a solution (and really did not make a huge effort).

I am certain someone somewhere likely has. I previously had a stigmata as a dedicated trainer bike, and have since gotten another dedicated trainer bike, which is a nice solution if you can swing it.

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Digging this out way later, but I just threw my bike with Ekar onto a Elite Drivo II (so not a Kickr) with 11sp Shimano cassette (for a bike fit assessment) and it works perfectly fine. It spins smoothly without any weird sounds, so for ERG this should be fine. I can’t speak to chain wear or if the cassette will get shredded, but as far as I can tell, it fits.