Campy Ekar - Wahoo Kickr compatability help,hacks?

Ekar is great, but what is not great is there seems to be no option to install this on Wahoo Kickr’s…That I am aware of. So I turn to you wizards of cycling on TRF.

Wahoo says they know there is no “option” at this time for a N3W compatible hub body. :frowning:

Are there any hacks out there or options users have made work? I believe the chain and cassette are a bit unique, and the N3W hub is backwards compatible. Could you utilize a 12 speed chain and hub… Maybe in erg no shifting? Any ideas…Or just SOL and wait.

Thanks for any help

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I am also in the same boat! About to put on Ekar and interested to see if anyone has any tips.
Maybe I will be the guinea pig and give it a try in ERG mode (which is what I’m using most of the time anyway)…

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Let us know how it goes, a dedicated chain would not bother me for the trainer assuming it “worked” in erg.

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