Calories during training

Did tr intend for us to eat (carbs through food and liquid) during their training sessions!

For the long (1.5-2hr) sweetspot intervals i am snacking, and i add some calories to my fluids.

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I have some similar questions. There was a podcast recently that talked about this and I cannot for the life of me find where. I think within the last 4 episodes. It was talking about how quick the sugars were absorbed.
I remember them saying that fueling for a workout is critical and they spoke of products to give fast energy in a cheaper format instead of using gels or shotbkocks. I’d love to know.
If I’m not mistaken they also talked about fruit as a less expensive alternative.
Hope this thread goes on and someone remembers the podcast :grinning:

I found it. Take a listen to Ask a cycling coach episode 234 starts at 23:45

I always fuel during longer sessions.

  • TR workouts of 90min+
  • Runs over 60mins
  • Brick workouts 90min+

For me, it purely depends on how prepared I am for the workout. If I’m well fuelled coming in to it then I find any workout up to 90 mins in base or build doesn’t need on the bike fuelling. However, there have been some 60 min workouts where I’ve needed a biscuit or energy bar half way through because I wasn’t fuelled up well in advance

Pretty sure you are looking for this:

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