Calendars is a day ahead

Hey there,
I use an iPad to run TR. My calendar is a day ahead. It is Wednesday but I open up the calendar and it shows Thursday and tomorrow’s work out. My iPad itself shows the correct date.
What’s up?

Thank you

Hi , probably better to contact ! I don’t have the issue maybe refresh your calendar page ? ( today is thursday here in Europe , don’t know where you are from :wink: )

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What Time Zone have you selected in your account profile? Mine is set to UTC and when I click on “Today” it takes me to 31st Jan (which is today!)

Good point !

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You’re living in the future through some sort of time warp cuntinuum! I’d just ride it out and see where it goes.

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Remedy: I had to log in on the website and adjust the time zone
You can not do this from the app from what I can see.