Calendar - not showing on iPad

Hi all

Have recently returned to TR after a break. I’ve added one of the training plans to the new calendar feature (really like this) and while it is showing on my PC and iPhone, for some reason it is not showing up on my iPad, which is the device that I was planning to connect to my turbo. Any ideas what is going wrong? I’ve tried all the usual things e.g. restarting software, logging in and out. Thanks.

According to @Nate_Pearson it is most likely a bug. The same issue is discussed in the long calendar thread.

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Thanks - that is a long thread to trawl though! I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, which seems to have fixed it for the time being.

Not sure if this is useful.

Slightly off topic, but on an iPad there was difficulty inputing TSS into outdoor rides. You just need to tip the iPad into landscape mode.

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