Re-Scheduling my Plan

After listening to Podcast #341 and awesome advice from Chad… I wanted to go into my TR Adaptive Plan and simply reshuffle the sequence of workouts - move around which days were easy/moderate/hard.

It doesn’t allow that. You have to destroy your existing plan and start rebuilding a brand new plan from scratch. I did that, and it did keep my EVENTS, and I backdated the start date to Nov 8th… so the new plan is effectively the same just with the sequence I desire now. But that might be nice to be able to EDIT the characteristics of an existing plan, rather than always building from scratch… Just a thought.

In other words, open your existing plan, go to one of these tabs, and modify. When saved, it regenerates the new Adaptive Plan. Time saver.

I am pretty sure this is possible.

  1. Open your calendar (I use the web for large screen and easy viewing).

  2. Scroll and find the annotation showing the start of the specific phase you want to modify.

  3. Click on and open that annotations.

    • This shows the current day setup, and you can drag & drop specific “session difficulty days” around as desired.
    • Click the “Update” and you should get that revision on your calendar.

This will be necessary for any phase you want different than when you did the original Plan Builder.

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