Calendar: Location option (Feature Request)

First time poster here. Loving all the work you all do. Especially the calendar. One request- a location option for the events.

I share my training calendar on Google with my wife. It helps us figure out where we will be going for races and group rides. Can you all add this as an option?


Hey Dan!

When you enter an event, you have the ability to write whatever you want in the optional Description field. In this field you could put locations or any other pertinent information that would help you and your wife plan your future race weekends.

Would this work for your needs?

On top of this, I often add the location in the Event Name (City):

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Hi Bryce,

Thanks for the tip. And I suppose I could enter all sorts of event related info into the description, but the location and time fields (forgot to mention this one as well) help to keep the calendars orderly and integrate with some other google assistant functions. Which, I find is useful in a calendar.

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For reference, when I use the Google calendar for these events, this is what I would see compared to what trainer road shows. The first example is not cycling related, but I think it works for an example.


Thanks for expanding! I’ll pass your suggestion along to the team for consideration.

This would require some further work on calendar integration as well, such as support for specific time scheduling etc., but I think it could be a good addition for when we revisit and improve upon the existing integration :+1:.

Awesome. Thanks Bryce