Calendar icons for individual days

Can someone at TR explain what all the icons in the bottom section of each calendar day mean? I can guess most (though I might be wrong), but specifically, I was wondering what the yellow trophy means.

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Every workout has an associated power-duration curve derived from the data.

If one of those PD points happens to be the highest power you ever recorded for that duration, you get a :trophy:


Might be some useful stuff:

Overall Calendar help section:

Thanks, Neil!
Thanks, Chad! I did look in those places before submitting the question and didn’t find anything that explained what was going on in the bottom section of the calendar day, so, that’s why I asked.

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Maybe we can get @Bryce to put in a good word and get some more info added on the help page?

They might already be working on something since we have seen other new stuff that will be seen in the same section of the calendar :wink:

Thanks for the heads up :+1:.

There are a lot of Help Center articles that we’d love to improve, but this is something I hope to do one day. Maybe after I finish publishing some articles I’ve been working on and some of that “new stuff” is released :wink:

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All this ‘new stuff’ talk is driving me mad! I have inklings, but I wanna know already!

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