Calendar export to TrainingPeaks

is there any though on pushing the calendar to other platforms like Training peaks in the near future?

We support Calendar Export for Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook, but support for TrainingPeaks is not on our Development Roadmap at the moment.

You can learn how to export to supported calendars in this Forum thread.

I’m going to go ahead and merge this topic with the Calendar Export to TrainingPeaks thread to keep all of the related discussion in one place.


We do not have plans to export to TrainingPeaks at this time.

Thank you for the quick feedback Bryce, I was planning my 2020 year and wanted to simply by utilizing one platform as I utilize wko5 for my analytics

Hey Bryce, what about pushing them to the garmin head unit

We recently released Support for pushing workouts to Garmin Head units :+1:.

You can learn more about it here:

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Hi Bryce , if I use the outside ride features will I still be able to utilize the Garmin to work on erg mode inside? just wanting the head unit to control the ride as all the metrics I utilize during training are on my head unit and not on I PADT thru TR. which it could result on added distraction during the workouts.

Yes, you can use the “outside” workout played on the Garmin (or Wahoo) as a workout to control ERG for a smart trainers.


As Chad said, it should work, however, it is not something that we have tested in house at this time. Let us know how you get on if you try it out :slight_smile:

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This is one on the reasons that after 4 years (might be 5 years) I have cancelled my subscription.

What is on the development roadmap because there hasn’t been anything for what seems like months.


Is there a plan to at least export workout durations and TSS to Training Peaks?


Trainerroad is great for cycling. But I also get TSS from swimming and running. For that trainingpeaks is still better for triathletes. So getting workout plans synchronized would still be very beneficial.
Unless Trainerroad start including these other sports for a more complete picture. But I think that is a bit out of their scope

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Hey! We definitely agree that athletes should be able to more easily account for run and swim towards their overall TSS, so it’s on our roadmap! :metal:


You can try this too - created it to export my calendar (not a plan!) and import to TrainingPeaks. Just make sure you modify the begin / end date. Currently only implemented bike activities - others should be trivial:


looks interesting, i will try it soon, hope i can handle this, i am not really a script guy!

I hope it works for you - I just added swim and run activity support, as well as a small guide.

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Works beautifully; I on the other hand, don’t. I misinterpreted some errors in the script log and ran the code a handful of times. Lo and behold, 7 copies of every workout in my training peaks calendar! I guess I get to engage in manual entry anyhow.

Hi! This is so impressive!! I’ve been trying to do this but failing miserably. Is there a library that has been shared with TR plans that I can access? I’m loving TR still (been on here for 4 years now I think, but I’d love to get some more plans onto my TP. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

No, you would need to create your own library.