Calendar does not show difficulty level for upcoming workouts

Calendar view somehow does not show difficulty level (Achievable, Productive, Stretch, …) for upcoming workouts, even though the information exists and is displayed if you open any of the upcoming workouts. Feature (and why?)? Bug?

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I brought this up more than once in the various beta stages. It’s not a bug in their eyes (at least that is what they said then). The rationale was that they didn’t want to show future Difficulty Level since they could change as you progress through the plan.

I didn’t buy that as acceptable, especially for when you are on the very day of the pending workout, or there is one pending on your calendar (one or a few days out) with nothing else between then and now planned.

I do understand where they are coming from, but that very Difficulty Level shows as soon as you open any of the actual TR app. So it’s not like the info isn’t there in any form. I think it is an inconsistency that needs to be remedied to have it in all locations.


By that rationale, all future workouts in the calendar should be hidden, since they could change as you progress through the plan :grinning:

Since you can see the difficulty level if you open the workouts, the argument is pretty weak.


I get it from a general, viewing within the workout library standpoint. If you are browsing there, and even choose to perform a workout at random, or add it to the calendar, seeing the current DL makes sense.

I can partly understand not showing DL for a Sunday workout when you are on Tues with 3 workouts between then and now.

At an absolute minimum, the very next workout on the calendar (presuming it’s within the current training week in particular) should show the DL at this time. I would prefer that the entire week show the values when I roll into Monday. That way I get at least a preliminary sense of where I am headed with minimal effort. That is after all, kind of the point of DL’s, to give is an instant estimate of relative difficulty. Sooo, show me that info for the current week at the very least.


There’s a pretty simple solution - display the difficulty level of future workouts on the calendar based on execution of the content of the calendar. This way the levels will only change if the contents of the calendar change.

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Just saying +1


I’ll pass this feedback along to the team as a Feature Request. :+1:


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+1, at least seeing the next week.

I was wondering why I couldn’t see difficulty levels of upcoming workouts consistently, it seemed like a bug, and unnecessary to sometimes show me and sometimes make me dig for it.

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+1 has been a :thinking: for me as well.