Calendar bug(s)

I had a ride (Givens) scheduled for Monday this week. I missed it, as it was a bank holiday and I was hungover. Tue was a non-cycling day, but I jumped on the bike and rode Givens. I wanted to consolidate the fact that I’d caught up on the missed ride, so I copied Givens from Monday to Tuesday and then did a match to make the calendar consistent. Today, when looking at what my run is, I see Givens is duplicated and my TSS/training time is higher than it should be. So I export Givens just in case and delete one of the duplicates. After a refresh both have gone. Figured as much. So I import Givens. It says it imported successfully, but doesn’t show up in the list of past rides or on the calendar. After doing that three times I gave up and imported the Strava copy of Givens. I actually dual record in Zwift, so the Strava copy is a 1:01:50 Zwift ride. Just want to highlight there’s some weirdness happening with the calendar and matching and unmatching non-TR rides at the moment. For example, I had a placeholder for a TT last Tue. I rode the TT twice, first as a w/u and recce, then raced the thing. Those were recorded as two separate activities on my Edge 1030. The w/u matched with the TT/race in my calendar, but every time I tried to unmatch it (to swap it with the real effort) I got a whoops error. Can provide logs if needed. But there’s two or three bugs here for me - (1) importing an exported TR ride isn’t working when it says it is; (2) doing an ad-hoc workout and matching it to a scheduled one copied/moved from another day is generating duplicate info. and (3) there’s ropiness unmatching Strava-synced rides with calendar placeholders when you auto-match them incorrectly. Please let me know if I can provide more info. I am using Chromium Edge on Win 10 to manage my calendar.

Definitely reach out to on this one. Sorry for the trouble!

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