Calculating TSS for Uplift Day at Bike Park (not including van uplifts)


Wondering if there was an easy way to calculate my TSS for uplift day at local bike park. I will keep Garmin on bike all day but obviously there isnt much TSS going up in van but the down hills are quite tiring if you go hard and some of longer ones are just under 5K. I normally do around 8 or 9 runs in a day.


It’s difficult to say as it depends on how hard you’re pedalling, so TSS is generally lower on the MTB anyway… You could wear a HR monitor and calculate TSS with that, and use it as a rough guide.
For what it’s worth I generally allocate 20 TSS for an uplift day.

Ok. I tried wearing hrt monitor which worked but 2 issues. One I crashed so it left nice bruise on chest. So I’ve stopped wearing hrt monitor when pushing grade on tech stuff.

Also it recorded during uplifts. I suppose I could pause Garmin but I tend to forget & Garmin is in bag.

I definitely feel more tired after uplift day than doing easy ride such as petitt so trying to get idea of TSS. Also uplift day seems more an all body workout.

Ok, don’t worry about an HR monitor then. I’m the same when it comes to uplift days, I just let the Garmin run and forget about it.

Don’t worry about TSS being perfect, just assign yourself a rough number for the day, it’s not the end of the world if it’s a little too high or low.

I suppose I was wondering if I could edit the log to remove the uplift bits. They would be pretty obvious in file data …