Estimating TSS on my commutes

Good afternoon!
Did my first commute after beginning plan builder, and my ride didn’t provide a TSS (no power/ HR on my commuter). I believe I’ve read that I should be including my commutes in my calendar… if I wear a HR strap will that be enough for a relatively accurate TSS? Is the estimated good enough?

I think HR generally gets you close enough


I was curious enough about mine that did it once on my bike with power meter, and then just kept using that number. Of course, if your bikes are very different, or if you ride very differently, it might not be that close.

The other question is if you should include it in your tss records. I think it depends - if it feels like training and you get tired from it, include it. If it’s an easy, short ride, I’d leave it off. I find it better to use tss to track my hard efforts and training, than to add every bit of activity I do. It helps me more understanding my general fitness level that way, which is what tss is mostly useful for for me.

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Hmmmm… good point(s)! It is an 11 mile ride with 650 ft of elevation.