Calculating TSS for other sports

How should TSS be calculated into training for something other than cycling, running, or swimming?
I play in a competitive Men’s Recreational Basketball league and I believe I should add it to the calendar. My question is when estimating TSS, how should I categorize the stress and how should I let it affect my training? What are the things that others do/have done? Thanks

I’ve found that the TSS on my rides is almost always close to 10% of the calories burned (from power meter). If you can estimate the calorie burn from an activity, you can try a percent of calories.

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I would also like an answer to this. As I’m clueless on how much to assign to a 1hr weight lifting training that I do three times a week. Any help/direction would be helpful.

I wish there was a way to calculate the TSS I get from my Sunday night indoor soccer games. But considering that TR’s position on HR is that it’s useless for TSS because it’s so inconsistent, I doubt that any calculated TSS is consistent enough to actually be useful (apart from making you feel like you’re in control).

I use RPE, and the table on this TrainingPeaks blog post:

If I have games for an hour, but there are several breaks or easy warmup periods, I subtract those out from the total time and just think about my RPE for the harder portions.

For lifting weights, I’ve been calling it 40 TSS when I do a tough 30 minute session with a trainer. Those workouts wreck me a lot more than any TSS that I’d assign them though - TSS certainly can’t give you the whole picture for your training stress.