Cadence drop during sweetspot workouts

Hi all, I am only 2 weeks into using trainerroad and have not done a structured traning plan before.
What I’m noticing is that during the last couple of intervals during sweetspot workouts, my cadence drops below to prescribed 85rpm to around 70-75rpm. My question is should I just keep pushing as best I can or drop the intensity to get my cadence back up?

Power is the priority, so it’s usually ok of your cadence stays a bit.

Just be careful to keep for getting too far from cadence ranges you actually need and plan to use.

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I don’t think this is unusual. As I tire, especially in longer intervals, I switch to a harder gear with slower cadence in order to complete the intervals. Typically my cadence would drop about 5-7 rpm. As Mr. Mcneese mentioned, you don’t want to let the cadence drop too low, but power is the priority. The long term goal should be to maintain power with the suggested cadence. You might try alternating intervals between high cadence and low cadence.