Unable to stick to in-workout cadence recommendations

I am having a hard time sticking to the workout recommendation from coach Chad during my SS workouts (85-95). Unless my cadence is 97+ I just feel like I am suffering so much and just want to give up. So far, I haven’t done so but I am wondering if I am losing some of the benefits and losing efficiency as well. I have a normally high cadence when riding outdoor unless I remind myself I should lower it and almost always climb above 100 rpm (road). When I do the ramp test I make sure I am spinning as high as I can while maintening form.

Below is my latest workout and you can notice I often have to stick to 100+ cadence to be able to make it through. Anything south of 95 and I feel great pain in my quads. (starting 4th week of SSB HV)



  • Should I try to redo the ramp test with a lower cadence and use the FTP for that cadence (say, 90)
  • Should I lower my cadence for all workout and just do as many of the intervals as I can, even if I fail early?
  • How much efficiency I am leaving on the table by not being able to spin below 90, comfortably for more than a couple of minutes?

I have no answers sorry, but you could have been describing me, so I’ll read the responses with interest

Even if I pull my cadence back to 95, it creeps up again when I don’t concentrate. Whilst i am happy with my cadence, i am trying to pull it back also in the name of muscular endurance for these workouts - rightly or wrongly

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Ride at the cadence you prefer. If you can maintain 100+ for two hours at effort, there’s little reason to change. I’m a fast spinner too, often 103-105. As my performance has improved, my cadence has gone up, not down. I don’t think you’re affecting anything negatively riding higher.