Bunion relief in cycling shoes

Hello, I have what I would consider mild bunions. I definitely have a bulge at the base of both of my big toes. All toes still track and point straight forward though, for now. I do experience some pressure in the area in my cycling shoes (specialized s-works road shoes) at more at the end of long rides. I of course open up and loosen the lower part of the shoes as much as possible as well.
Curious if anyone has any experience in this area and suggestions?
I am looking at possibly trying some bunion corrector sleeves from amazon maybe but concerned if the sleeve and toe separator will change the fit of my shoes too much.

I’ve had some issues with tailor’s bunions (small toe), and ended up cutting holes in my shoes. As long as I wear dark socks it doesn’t look that bad in my black shoes. I also found I could relieve pressure in that area by just slicing the shoe in the area that pressed against my foot there, and this was hardly noticeable. I made horizontal slices the whole length of the area, then on the strips I made vertical cuts half-way through the strips alternating top and bottom - this made the strip much more stretchy.
I’ve moved to wide shoes for everyday wear, and when I replace my cycling shoes I will be looking for wider shoes.

Shoe stretchers may help. Plan on leaving them in there for a few days or replacing after each ride. If the bunion bumps that come with the stretchers don’t line up with your problem area get a rock and tape it in the right place. Even non-stretch materials can give a little with enough time and the seams will give a little too.

Maybe try some heat-mouldable shoes - although there might not be much of the mouldable material around the side of the foot that far down, I think they tend to be more under the sole/arch and around the sides of the heel. If it’s a major problem that stops you riding then custom-made shoes might be the order of the day (Bont, Rocket 7 and D2 all do fully custom shoes, or you could get some from Adam Hansen if you gotta have the best).