Foot pain off the bike?

So for the last year or so I have had the weirdest foot pain off the bike. I dont really have any foot pain on the bike, and thats not to say im totally comfortable but nothing like what I experience off the bike. So after a ride my feet are fine and totally normal until I put shoes on and head out the door and thats when the “fun” begins. It feels like there is a wedge in my shoes that is poking up on the outside of my sole and digging into the outside of my foot. Its the oddest thing and its with all my shoes except crocs. I have never had this before and its gotta be cycling associated because if I take a week off with no cycling then it gets better and eventually goes away till I get back on the trainer and boom. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did they do to remedy it? Its just so weird that it doesnt hurt on the bike and only bother me if I have shoes on.

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Cycling shoes on too tight?

Following, as I’ve had a similar issue recently!

nah youd think that it would be obvious on the bike and its fine on the bike

Many things related to cycling fit and apparel are not “obvious”.

Tight shoes cut off circulation and sometimes you might not feel the pain until later. It could also be pressure points in the shoe, i.e. the shoe is incompatible with the shape of your feet.

Easy way to rule out the shoe is to wear a different pair and see if things change.

I dont tend to try and solve issues like this myself. People with knowledge just save so much time and guessing.

I had foot pain which eventually was resolved by visiting a foot specialist. I didnt need orthotics but I did have too much flex in my feet. In essence my foot would collapse as I pedaled. It was a simple insert added to prevent my foot from collapsing down with a slight modification. Total cost was $60.