Bum soar... Bibs,?

ok, difficult subject i guess. After 3 years on Kickr+TR I’m suddenly having problems. a “bum soar” on one specific spot, if I stay of the Kickr for 3-4 days I can feel it disappear, get back on and after 2 days it’s back, same spot…

Can prob say all my bib’s are getting on in age (although the one I use most on the Kickr is new’ish)… would everyone agree that this is most probably the cause or any other ideas.


Gained/lost any weight recently? Saddle the same I presume?

Saddle the same,

picked up some weight last 3 months, but we’re talking about 3Kg’s, was weight before though, without problems.


3kgs wouldn’t have any influence.

Bibs would be my first guess - though a persistent ingrowing hair would also cause the discomfort (which may have just begun to cause an issue - hence the sudden onset).

Thanks, would see how i can have a look… see if a ingrown hair is behind this. Otherwise start looking at budgeting for new Bibs, or Chammis replacements.


If you’re talking about a saddle sore, it isn’t disappearing after 3-4 days, even if it’s decreasing in size. When you resume riding, it just revs back up again. There are lots of causes. Ingrowns are common. Also make sure you’re wearing clean shorts every single ride, and staying dry “down there.” For that, I tuck an old washcloth in my bibs, on my lower back. Prevents sweat from rolling off my back into the nether regions, and keeps everything dry and happy.

And try new bibs. The pad flattens and can shift where pressure is felt, leading to sores where they didn’t occur before.

Here are some considerations (some already mentioned) gathered into a compiled resource.

… had a look, at Exactly the same spot as previous times, so thinking this is a ingrown hair, otherwise it would have been same area. Also a small hard point, about the size of 2 match stick ends, does get larger with workouts on bike, making me think some infection.

Guessing a Dr is called for.


Try Chamois cream. The assos one or the original Butt’r cream would be what I would recommend.

WIth Chamois cream i can use my worst worn down bibs without saddle sores.