Bug report: TSS of workout seems to be wrong [Resolved ✅]

One of these seems to have wrong TSS because while being nearly identical but a tiny bit easier in all aspects

is listed with 83 TSS vs 80 TSS of the harder


Have you emailed TR support on this? If not, do so. That is the fastest way to get a resolution on an item like this.

But given the quadratic nature of the TSS calculation, the apparent discrepancy could very well be correct

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Chatted with support who passed it to the team. But no changes yet. If IF of 0.75 for https://www.trainerroad.com/app/cycling/workouts/1090456-taberon-law is correct then TSS would be 84.375 (will be rounded to 85 by TR) and not 80. @IvyAudrain

Looking into this now. :+1:


Echo is a Tempo 4.4 with a TSS of 83, and now, Taberon Law is a Tempo 4.5 with a TSS of 80 85 .Thanks so much for bringing this up!

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