Custom Workouts Get Progression Score - Very Cool

I made a custom workout and it gets a TrainerRoad Progression score.

Cool stuff from TrainerRoad. I didn’t expect that.

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Take note that the presence of Progression Levels for custom workouts does not mean they are “right”. Some seem appropriate, but others are very incorrect. So, be cautious about how much you trust them at this time. They are aware of the issue, and plan to fix it so they are more accurate and reliable. We just don’t know when that will be.


To Chad’s point. 3x (30 seconds vo2 + 3 min tempo + 1 threshold +3 min tempo + 1 minute threshold) earns one a 14.7 threshold.


and on the other hand using WorkoutCreator to make a copy may give good results like simply making a copy. However PLs of sprint workouts in TR can be a little wacky because % FTP of the custom workout is taken into consideration:

even though the workout text states:

so if you create a custom workout and bump % FTP of a sprint to accurately reflect your % FTP, and its greater or less than (an equivalent) TR workout, you end up with a custom workout PL that is skewed relative to TR workouts. Even though the TR workout tells you to do a max effort.

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Fair enough. I though 5.9 was a little high for this workout, but I like where they are going with it.

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Forgive me if I haven’t found the answer, I’ve searched but I’m not very good at that :grimacing: Just wondering if workout levels for custom workouts are accurate as of now? I created a few 80/125 over under workouts that started out as Carillon -2 which is a Sweet Spot 3.2. When I got done tweaking, the first ended up as a VO2max 4.2 (see below) so some kind of analysis is happening.

OU 3x10 80.125

  • No change from what I know. Which means it is unpredictable.

  • Sometimes it seems accurate, others it’s well off base. Short and high power sprints seem to really cause issues, but it’s not the only way you can get erroneous info.


Thanks @mcneese.chad!

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Any update on this? I did a custom workout to replicate my race later this year and straight after showed me huge increases in the progression levels, but after a few minutes they disappeared and my PL’s remained the same, as though the ride was completely disregarded. I had lowered the intensity by 10% and I think rated it as hard, if that makes any difference

  • now that I’ve looked at it again, it looks as though TR has rated it as “too intense”, is this why my PLs haven’t changed?

Progression Levels for custom workouts are not accurate, this is a known issue to be addressed with the release of Workout Levels V2, the developers’ top priority.

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