Bug In Latest KICKR Firmware - Acknowledged By Wahoo

I updated to the lastest firmware on my KICKR Core. version 1.0.10 I believe - the one which introduces cadence measurement.
After the upgrade I performed a spindown and the Android app suggested that I should carry out a Factory Spindown. I did but it never completed sucessfully. The 2nd of the 2 spindowns carried out as part of the Factory Spindown procedure would always fail to complete.

After this I found that calibration within Trainerroad no longer works. It instantly fails.

I reported the issue to Wahoo and received the following reply:

“…it is a result of a bug in the Firmware update on the KICKR and Core. With the latest Firmware for KICKR 18 and CORE. Attempting a Factory Spindown will result in the user not being able to complete the 2nd spindown and KICKR will no longer broadcast Speed, Power, or Cadence. The same issue will happen if a user attempts a regular spindown with more than one device connected.In either case, the user can downgrade to last public version of Firmware this is .68 and the data will be restored. We’ll be getting a fix done and pushing a new version next week to solve for this.”

So beware carrying out a Factory Spindown with the latest Firmware until the fix is released!


Thanks for this! I picked up a core yesterday, and got hit by the bug. Thankfully a regular spindown seems to be working, but that explains the issues I was having with the factory spindown.

Thanks for posting. I will delay updating my Kickr firmware then.

Oh that’s shite. I wasn’t aware of this one. And it didn’t pop up when I was playing with it as I didn’t do a Factory Spindown. I’ll keep an eye out for the fix/update.

I had the same issue and couldn’t do the spin down both on Wahoo’s app and Trainer Road. I then called Wahoo and they guided be to turn back to the older firmware version. For now, everything seems to be working nicely.