Bucket list - things to do on a road bike

In an idle moment I put together a bucket list of things you an do on a road bike.

It’s a list of types of things to do, not specific events. Also the things should be doable by any reasonably trained cyclist so nothing about winning or finishing in a certain time. (Some things are distance linked but without the time constraint so they pass the “doable” test.)

There’s obviously a lot you can do on a road bike off road but that’s a separate topic so there is just one catch all “Ride Off Road” for all of these.

The list also includes a few unfortunate events but not, for obvious reasons, anything serious.

I am sure there are things I have missed so please add any of your suggestions.

In no particular order:

Ride 100 miles
Climb a mountain
Descend a mountain
Take part in a hill climb event
Take part in a sportive/Gran Fondo
Do a solo tour (carrying own gear)
Do a group our with support for gear and aid
Do a group tour unsupported
Take part in a training camp
Use a turbo
Ride on rollers
Use a VR training app (e.g. Zwift)
Ride on pave
Ride in a velodrome
Take part in a Zwift race
Take part in a road race
Complete a multi-stage race or event
Do a criterium
Complete a short time trial (25 miles or less)
Complete a long time trial ( 100 miles or more)
Be part of a team trial
Complete a short Audax (200km or less)
Complete a long Audax (400km or more)
Complete an epic Audax (1000km+ or similar ultra endurance test)
Ride an Audax permanent route
Fix a major mechanical problem while on a ride (so fixing a puncture doesn’t count…)
Ride in snow or other extreme weather
Escape a dog or other wild animal
Ride off road
Ride a bike with a fixed gear
Ride through the night from dusk to dawn
Transport your bike by plane
Transport your bike by train
Transport your bike by boat
Get completely lost
Build a bike up from individual parts
Bunny hop an obstacle
Cross a border
Ford a stream/river


Break collarbone


Ride in a country where they drive on the ‘wrong side of the road’.

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Learn to wheelie ( completely self indulgent and totally inane but equally cool).

Complete the Fred Whitton ( cancelled and rolled over to next year).

Ride to the coast from my old house and catch the train back. A real itch I need to scratch.

Learn to track stand right now is #1 for me.


Currently it’s to knock out a 200 mile gravel event that has been plaguing me for the last 2 years.(more so weather but still) after that it’s gonna be to start bike packing


Take it off some sweet jumps.


Ride naked
Eat pizza while riding.

Edit: Eat pizza while riding naked.

Borrowed from a buddy.

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:laughing:. And at least part of that pizza holder is carbon fiber! :heart:

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Get hit by a car. Not serious of course on this one


I got hit by a cop car… gotta be bonus points for that, right? :wink:


do a “cross your country” (e.g. Landsend to John O’Groats) difficulty may vary depending on location :yum:

That is pretty good!

I have some to add, already checked off. Pass a police car (while speeding for bonus points). High speed crash for some nice scars.

Ride in Alps! Do a training camp. Climb 2000 meters in one long climb.

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That item has been ticked off a long time ago (and multiple times at that). As well as “ride into a parked car”, with bonus points for owner of said car being a witness to the crash.


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  • Commute
  • Blow up spectacularly and call your s/o to come pick you up
  • Flat twice during one ride
  • Ride on Christmas/Easter/etc when all the streets are empty
  • Ride with a new rider!

Be careful what you ask for.