Need a new exciting race. What events would you travel for?

Inspired by a similar post on another forum, I started looking for an A race that I’ve never done before. And it got me thinking about what is worth it for traveling. So I figured I get your input on races you’ve done in the past or still do and whether it’s worth to travel. And let’s say, break it down into drive to races and fly to races.

For example:

Drive: I live in the northeast US, and really want to do Green Mountain Stage Race this year. That’s a drive to race at 6 1/2 hours. Intelligentsia Cup would be another, though a bit longer at about 8 hours but probably still easier to drive with the bike and gear.

Fly: Tulsa Tough and Valley of the Sun stage race. I’d love to do the Tulsa Tough weekend. Race all 3 days and watch the pro races. Same with Valley of the Sun mostly because it’s 25F here in winter and I need some sun. Tour of America’s Dairyland would be up there as well for the number of races.

I left out flying to Europe for events because that would be a whole vacation, not just flying for a single event. Though my bucket list would be to take a couple weeks and do the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix sportives then watch the real races.

Ive done Tour of Flanders a few time; the long one other than bragging rights isn’t that exciting IMO. The medium one with only the cobbled climbs is :+1:

I was a passenger in a car every time I have been to mainland Europe for cycling but the one event I flew to was the Mallorca 312. There isn’t much choice if you want to get there in a decent time. That was on my bucket list and if I hadn’t done it I would be desperate. But its a great event and if it came up Id do it again.

Probably my favourite events are

The Marmotte
The 312
ToF (Medium Route)

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