Bruising in the groin

Has anyone experienced any bruising or hematoma of tissue in the capillaries around the groin area?

I started getting this when I was doing a lot of indoor training over 500TSS. Not sure what is causing this…

I had a large heamatoma in the groin this summer. Followed hitting a couple of potholes at speed whilst riding really hard on the nose of the saddle. The padding on the saddle had degraded and I was wearing an older pair of bibs. This injury was trauma related. I was completely off the bike for six weeks.

Blood flow in that area is poor and things are slow to heal. The heamatoma was about 3x2x1cm and took almost 4 months to fully resorb.

Things I’ve done to make sure it doesn’t happen again…

  1. Made sure that my saddle is slightly nose down.
  2. Shifted saddle forward slightly so even on the rivet my sit bones are taking the weight.
  3. Binned all the old bibs, even for the trainer.
  4. New saddle.

On a happier note, I had a scan of the lump to rule out any more sinister causes, which thankfully it did. However the amount of cycling related asymtomatic incidental testicular trauma was scary!!!

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