Right leg going numb

My right leg keeps going numb on the trainer. This happens around the 30-50 min mark. If I pedal single left leg, it goes away for 5 mins, but otherwise it stays numb. Any tips? It happens on all workouts (z2, ftp, vo2, etc). This is a recent phenomenon and didn’t happen before (I haven’t changed my trainer set up at all either)

Check your saddle:

I’ve had 3 Toupes that have all cracked. Each time they cracked I experienced a sudden saddle sore or onset of numbness. The saddle sprang back into shape when I got off. First time was a saddle sore. Took me about 3 weeks of checking position + making sure to be super clean before I decided to try new saddles. When I took it off I saw the crack.

The next two times I had numbness in my toes and man parts. Each time I figured out within a day or so where it was coming from.

Also look at your saddle rails (might be bent), saddle height, and angle. Small changes can happen. As you’re snooping around it’s a good time to inspect bolts/clamps and to regrease things. No one ever thinks .a bolt is going to break until their face rubs against the front tire (personal experience there) and no one ever things a seat post will seize until they pay $200 to get one removed (fortunately I’m the one charging for labor on that one).


Im not a doctor, but I do know it is possible for cyclists to damage the arteries or veins in their legs due to the repetitive motion in a bent over position, and i believe a numb/dead feeling leg is a symptom. It happens to pros from time to time. If it doesnt go away, you may want to get it checked out. https://www.velonews.com/2016/06/from-the-mag/power-iliac-artery-endofibrosis-cycling_409438

It doesn’t happen outside, only inside - is what you linked still possible ONLY inside?

Wouldn’t it happen outside as well? I’m just using my stock saddle that I’ve had since I got my bike ~2 years ago.

Which makes sense since when you’re outside your bike is not in a fixed position and you can move around…how slammed is the bike on your trainer?

Not sure, but here’s a photo

Not necessarily. The way you ride outside can be very different than the way you ride inside.

e.g. I never go numb on outdoor rides but I have to stand for about 1 minute every 20 minutes when I’m on the trainer.