Brian Davis Races, Cycling Strength Workout on YouTube

A great workout that Brian got from his coach and recorded and posted on you tube. For me its a great place to start as I have no idea what to do and I find the material confusing or not shared.

Hope you like it and if you do give him a thumbs up!


Oh damn! Haven’t seen his videos for a long while. Looks like he lost so much weight.
Not fat shaming, people! but watts/kg and i’m a cyclist. Don’t yell at me. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link. I tweaked the title and added the strength tag for better access and labeling.

I will check this out. The one thing I can see that would be nice would be a time stamp in the description for each segment, to allow jumping around if people want to mix use.

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Let Brian know. He is awesome and open to advice!


Brian is one of my buddies, he is a good man. He also mentions me in a carb video as being his inspiration to start carbing up. Any idea where I got that idea from?