Breath Training, Why You Aren’t Getting Faster, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 417

I enjoyed the section on Airofit and similar products as I have been wondering about these since I had a poor spirometer/lung emptying test at a check-up last year. I ride >4wkg so consider myself pretty fit and powerful, and don’t smoke, so the poor results came as a big surprise. Is this the sort of thing that an airofit might actually help with?

I used this after COVID-bronchitis and it really helped clear the lungs. I had another bout of something on the chest later and used it again because it was effective.

It has lots of resistance options. Got this one because it looked like it was the easiest to quickly clean with the fewest parts. At least from online photos. No way I’m breathing through something like this day after day without washing it. You will slobber into it if you’re not AI.

It also taught me how to better ‘belly-breath’, and I remember to do that on the bike, especially as a mental mechanism for refocusing when things get amped up.

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