Airofit breathing training tool

Has anyone tested this or heard about this ? Airofit ?

Looks pretty interesting. Simulated COPD to essentially give the diaphragm and its helpers a workout, I wonder if it could have non-medication applications to asthma sufferers

From what I have seen from products in the past and research, forcing more air into lungs has no effect on oxygen absorption.

But I did not look into detail of this particular product.


That makes sense , i remember hearing somewhere that a rider with a bigger lung capacity doesn’t necessarily mean he will be a faster rider than someone with a smaller lung capacity !

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Just seeing if anyone looked into this?

Seems @brendanhousler has tested it ( or is testing it ) i found this|++Brendan+–+cartlink&fbclid=IwAR0rODP-vUm1rCqyuKiMLRI3g5ZKSoZ90y3UWAM9ZDvnxaO6YI8wWt9NYdc

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also a 10 % discount code , brendan10 if someone wants to buy one

Airofit is awesome, HUGE fan! Highly recommended. I have used it since Nov 2019 and Threshold efforts are noticeably more manageable due to proper breathing. My ability to hold my breathe has increased dramatically, and I feel less huffing at puffing at VO2Max watts that used to destroy me previously.

There is a link to my actual Airofit blog here.

Good luck!


Im quite interested after reading studies on other breathing devices.

I’ve also used Turbine. Which I believe has helped in TTs but are so difficult to stay in towards the the end of a TT when I’ve got sweat and saliva going everywhere.

You still using this?

i am! I just posted a new program that they released, it helps so that you don’t have to try and figure out which modules to do.

i still don’t get 20m a day, but am trying! it’s more like 10-15; it’s hard after 5 hour 5000kj rides!

That’s pretty insane. Almost like doing 5 one hour crits…

I tried a spirometer/breathing exercise device once, but the drool factor was too much to handle (ie, a few minutes using it and I had puddles of drool to sop up with paper towels). How does this device compare?

I read all the studies and bought a PowerBreathe Plus.

From memory, the studies conclude a 4% improvement in 40km TT. I definitely trained my inspiratory muscles stronger. I think I noticed a small improvement. It certainly wasn’t a giant game changer or anything.

unfamiliar with a spirometer but there no need for paper towels. i do look straight forward or slightly up though as if my mouth feels “saliva-y” that def helps.

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Lol, or just a big rider!

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I’m assuming you use the PRO model but do you have any experience with the Basic? $225 is a bit much for me but for $65 I could be convinced to try it. However, you wouldn’t get the smartphone connection which would remove the ability to really track improvement.

I have not read the thread, nor I have ever heard of this product, BUT
when i read things like:


This give me pause. I work hard and you now tell me there is a short cut for just $224
IDK. Smells like snake oil… but again I have never use the product.

i haven’t used that one, but prob a good starting spot; i’m sure you’ll still make gains with it. The app is just very helpful for execution of the workouts and tracking the data.