Airofit breathing training tool

Has anyone tested this or heard about this ? Airofit ?

Looks pretty interesting. Simulated COPD to essentially give the diaphragm and its helpers a workout, I wonder if it could have non-medication applications to asthma sufferers

From what I have seen from products in the past and research, forcing more air into lungs has no effect on oxygen absorption.

But I did not look into detail of this particular product.


That makes sense , i remember hearing somewhere that a rider with a bigger lung capacity doesn’t necessarily mean he will be a faster rider than someone with a smaller lung capacity !

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Just seeing if anyone looked into this?

Seems @brendanhousler has tested it ( or is testing it ) i found this|++Brendan+–+cartlink&fbclid=IwAR0rODP-vUm1rCqyuKiMLRI3g5ZKSoZ90y3UWAM9ZDvnxaO6YI8wWt9NYdc

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also a 10 % discount code , brendan10 if someone wants to buy one

Airofit is awesome, HUGE fan! Highly recommended. I have used it since Nov 2019 and Threshold efforts are noticeably more manageable due to proper breathing. My ability to hold my breathe has increased dramatically, and I feel less huffing at puffing at VO2Max watts that used to destroy me previously.

There is a link to my actual Airofit blog here.

Good luck!


Im quite interested after reading studies on other breathing devices.

I’ve also used Turbine. Which I believe has helped in TTs but are so difficult to stay in towards the the end of a TT when I’ve got sweat and saliva going everywhere.

You still using this?

i am! I just posted a new program that they released, it helps so that you don’t have to try and figure out which modules to do.

i still don’t get 20m a day, but am trying! it’s more like 10-15; it’s hard after 5 hour 5000kj rides!

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That’s pretty insane. Almost like doing 5 one hour crits…

I tried a spirometer/breathing exercise device once, but the drool factor was too much to handle (ie, a few minutes using it and I had puddles of drool to sop up with paper towels). How does this device compare?

I read all the studies and bought a PowerBreathe Plus.

From memory, the studies conclude a 4% improvement in 40km TT. I definitely trained my inspiratory muscles stronger. I think I noticed a small improvement. It certainly wasn’t a giant game changer or anything.

unfamiliar with a spirometer but there no need for paper towels. i do look straight forward or slightly up though as if my mouth feels “saliva-y” that def helps.

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Lol, or just a big rider!

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I’m assuming you use the PRO model but do you have any experience with the Basic? $225 is a bit much for me but for $65 I could be convinced to try it. However, you wouldn’t get the smartphone connection which would remove the ability to really track improvement.

I have not read the thread, nor I have ever heard of this product, BUT
when i read things like:


This give me pause. I work hard and you now tell me there is a short cut for just $224
IDK. Smells like snake oil… but again I have never use the product.

i haven’t used that one, but prob a good starting spot; i’m sure you’ll still make gains with it. The app is just very helpful for execution of the workouts and tracking the data.

Hi there,

I just started using airofit a couple of weeks ago. Here are some Q&A you might be interested in:

Does it work for me to improve my breathing?

Yes, I’m pretty sure it does. I used to get into thin air trouble at a lower heart rate before I started using airofit. The trouble moved south to the burning legs…

Did I expierience performance gains yet?

I don’t know yet, but I think I will. Here in Germany it’s off-seaon and I used to cool down in oct and nov to about 10h/month rec rides. This year I’m at 35-45h/month mainly structured training. Very hard to compare…

Am I expecting to see gains next season?

Yes. My lungs are pretty small for someone my height who is doing endurance sports. I guess oxygen intake became a limiting factor during previous seasons. So if I could push this L
limit to a new level I’m hoping to be able to transform higher oxygen intake into higher power output levels during preseason training.

Do I think that airofit is a big game changer for everybody?

No, it might deliver marginal gains for people who already take in decent amounts of oxygen, but nothing to get crazy about. However, if you get in trouble in your races bc you feel like running out of air, then this kind of training might create room for some significant improvements.

Do I need this expensive device for this kind of training?

I guess not, but it makes things a lot easier and more efficient. And the training sessions with airofit are almost a bit fun.

Hope that’s helpful.